Friday, 8 January 2010

A Wondering Manifesto

I have a tendency to wonder.  Having taken a degree in Physics in the hopes that this would somehow help, I have a certain way of thinking about things and a brain-sponge full of abstract knowledge.  When I wonder, I can often form a reasonable explanation from knowledge I already have, but don't have sufficient detail to make it rock-solid and fully sate my curiosity.  I'm embarking on this blog as an organised way of discovering and conveying interesting facts, and hopefully honing my communication skills and writing confidence along the way. 

I hope to explore things both from the research edge and from the everyday, hoovering up knowledge and spinning it into interesting, digestible, pleasing prose, perhaps with a few diagrams in there for flavour.  As a creative nut I've adopted "Get excited and make things" as a personal motto, but perhaps in this endeavour I should aim to "Get excited and discover things".  I hope I can bring you along with me.


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