Tuesday, 30 March 2010

LHC Restart - live webcast

I wonder just how many people across the world are watching this feed with me:

There have been a couple of glitches in the cooling and monitoring systems, but nothing catastrophic so far, and the system is now being brought up to speed again.  While everyone is waiting for the beams to reach the required energies again, some talking heads are discussing what the LHC is looking for and how.  It's fun spotting people I've dealt with through my work:  Ooh, they're on the editorial board, ooh, that was that nice guy who published with us last year!

It's so exciting.  I just wish I wasn't the only physics-educated geek in a building full of biologists and medics...  Oh, and that I had some popcorn.

Edit:  Great, now I have my second only ever migrane precursor sparkly vision artifacts.  They're very pretty, but they're interfering with my webcast watching, damnit!

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